I joined Bodyworks two years ago with little over weightaccording to my height and had zero stamina but after following Venu’s diet with proper exercises I lost loads of weight and my resistance has increased to work more harder and promptly.Moreover,when I went for a long vacation to Himalayas I could go trekking  which was quite impossible for many other people to do.My resistance and  stamina improved well with proper diet and proper exercise. I exploited the whole Himalayans region on foot ,I enjoyed trekking for the first time ever.


I learnt about Bodyworks through a friend and joined when there were a few indicators that kept telling me that I needed a proper work out regime. In Nov 2008 I met Venu, who suggested that along with regularexercise, I also required to follow a correct diet.

After following the diet and exercise routine suggested by Venu, I observed that I began loosing weight, week on week, and my stamina levels increasing. I saw that I could achieve doing certain activities like brisk walking with my father (there was a time when I couldn’t match up his walking speed and felt guilty of the same), working for more time without too much of fatigue etc. Yes, my energy levels improved and I felt better with my health as well. I started looking forward for my Saturday appointments with Venu for improvisation & corrections. I realised the importance of regular exercise, which my parents always emphasized and felt happy when I received compliments on my weight loss.

Actually, we all know of what is right to eat and what is not, what if we miss a daily exercise or a walk… but we ignore. We tend to have the “chalta hai” attitude… if not now then when to enjoy…etc… etc…

But its awareness that one needs to have, which Bodyworks brings. I have broken rules during my diet regime, but now I am more aware as to how and to what extent it impacts me. That itself has been a great learning.

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