I’m no Tiger Woods, but I do like to golf. Of all people, it was my wife who got me hooked on the sport. I never wanted to golf before. I would always have something else needing to be done when my boss invited me to play. I know it is a chance to network, but I just was embarrassed to go play a game I never played with players who are very competitive. Then my wife got me out playing. Now that there is a residential development at www.parclife.net that is close to my favorite golf course, I think we should move.

I have been golfing now for a few years. It was about a year into it that my wife told me to ask my boss to go along on the next golf outing. I did not have much confidence in my skills, but my score was quite a few strokes lower than the other players, including my boss, that first day. He was very surprised and asked why I had never went golfing with them before. I thought they were all just playing a lackadaisical game to let me win, but he said everyone tried all that much harder after I hit the ball off of the second tee.

I tried to do my best, and I was a bit nervous. However, I never thought that I would end up winning over all the seasoned players that day. That game actually lead to conversations about persistence that landed me a promotion. When the divisional executive heard my story of learning golf from my wife, he was intrigued and offered me a job. Now we can afford to get the four bedroom unit at Signature at Yishun when it opens, but we have our lease application in now.

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