My Saturdays are very important to me. I spend all week working hard to support my family. The one thing that I need to myself are my Saturdays. I need them to rest and recharge my body from the previous workweek. I also need them to prepare for the rough week ahead of me. Last Saturday, my wife Valerie begged me to help her clean out the attic. I hesitated at first, but she begged and pleaded. I agree. While moving a heavy box, I injured my back. I was very hurt. I needed a chiropractor in Salinas to help me with my injury.

I underestimated how much work actually needed to be done in the attic. I assumed that I would move some things around, but I was wrong. I was dirty and dust was everywhere. I spent at least three hours sorting and moving things that I forgot I had in my possession. Trinkets from my high school and college years made me feel nostalgic about the old times. One box contained some of my college textbooks. I tried to move them a hurt my back, I could barely stand up. I knew that I needed help immediately.

I went to the doctor and he told me that I pulled some of my back muscles. Luckily, I was not seriously injured. He did some x-rays on my back. He gave me some exercises that he wanted me to do to heal my body. The doctor was very helpful in easing my back pain. He also wrote me a prescription to help with the back pain that I had been experiencing. In the future, I will leave the heavy lifting to someone else. My back is very tender and I need to take better care of it. I will let my wife lift the next heavy box.

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